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Default I'm back!

Hi ladies! I've been away for a while, going through a divorce and then getting back together with the same man... he went through a lot of changes and is truly different this time. No more military, and we're by his family which is a good influence.

We're TTC naturally, for the past 9 months... no luck. I'm in nursing school right now so we're waiting to go the RE route until I finish.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and see how everyone is doing.

Anyone know the Facebook page? I might be on it and just don't know, lol.
Krysta: 26; Aaron: 31
DX 9/08; TTC since 11/08
5 rounds of Clomid 50mg = BFN
4/10 Uterine Septum removed
3/06/11 BFP; blood work showed BFN
8/12 DH & I back together - TTC again!
"Even miracles take a little time." From Cinderella

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Knh-Hi there. Welcome back. Yes there is a FB page, do these boards are pretty slow. I personally miss the action here. The format on the FB page is different and I enjoy this format better-I guess I'm just "old fashioned"!
TTC-2002 16 mo Clomid, 5 IUI's BFN
4 mc's (natural and IUI) at or before 6 weeks.
Went the adoption route.
D&C to clear things out Met, FemGuard, B6, Saw Palmetto, vitamin E, diet & exersize.
Oct'11-IVF cycle!!! BFP!! IT'S A HEALTHY BABY!,
Weight loss-crucial for bfp's...
2 Surprise bfps, but mc @8w...WHY???

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