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Default Graduate Symptoms

In researching my hopeful symptoms, I came across this thread on another board and thought I'd start one for us since it's a New Year!!

When you get your BFP and graduate to the Pregnancy Board, post all of your symptoms here so that those of us in the 2WW can obsess over them!!!

I thought I'd copy Canid's - our first BFP of 2007!!

I will tell you what my symptoms were. They could have been all in my head but this is what I noticed:

- I have had really bad constipation and stomach cramps for the past 7 days. I don't think it is diet related since I haven't changed anything.
- I had EWCM after O
- I have had fatigue for about 4 days now
- I had swollen and sore boobs for about 7 days but that ended about 2 days ago
- Hot flashes
- Constant high temps after O (they normally dip down to the coverline)

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Mine were exhaustion and really sore boobs that even hurt when I walked
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This sounds silly, but was dropping things and forgetting things about 1-2 weeks before my BFP!!! I told the ladies at work that if I weren't preg., I can't imagine how clumsy I would be when I was!!! I was also pretty exhausted. I had the opposite of constipation which I read can be from an increase in progesterone. Other than that, I had some mild cramping and tender BB's, but that was nothing new for that point in my cycle.
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Originally Posted by vjsmiles
I had the opposite of constipation which I read can be from an increase in progesterone.
Ditto here...My boobs were also hurting, and still hurt now.
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Mine are pretty similar to everyone else's!

- Sore bb's (Seem to be getting even worse the further along I get)
- Mild cramping
- EXHAUSTION (All I want to do is sleep. Have VERY little energy to do anything else...)
- Insomnia (this was more the few days before my BFP. Now I sleep through the night).
- Not having much of an appetite. (this one JUST started at about 6 weeks...NOTHING sounds good to me and when I do eat something I usually get really nauseous afterward).

Hope this helps some of you to see some symptoms before your BFP's!!!!
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*My boobs hurt real bad... so much so that i am having to take my bra off at work sometimes!
* tiredness, i just want to sleep for a week!
* peeing like theres no tomorrow.
* period pain like cramping, i still get that now
* eating like a pig, i don't feel hungry i feel starving.
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My symptoms actually felt just like AF was going to come, every day, for over a month.

Sore boobs
Mild cramping
Overall achiness (is that even a word? :P)
Just being tired all the time
Feeling "carsick" off and on
Peeing every 5 minutes!
Nosebleeds (for the first few weeks)

It was all very strange, like hitting puberty a second time. It's odd, but the only time I had regular nosebleeds before was puberty...right along with the sudden acne and sore boobs. It was funny.

Hope this helps and good luck to you in the 2ww!
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Ok mine didn't stick but I wouldn't want to deprive of pg symptoms to obsess over-so here they are.

-woke up in mid of night swearing dh was wearing STRONG cologne, it kept me up all night. It was his deoderant from the morning before!
-had aches b4 flo was due. That never happens, maybe after flo was here, never before. It was also lighter af cramps-different.
-cried 3 times at work and a couple at home.
-constipated never bm'd the whole week (af always brings lots of bm-tmi)
-HOT all of the time! (i'm cold natured)
-BBT wise mine was up then went up again on chart

Those were all prior to finding out pg, thought it was the prometrium didn't know what was wrong! These happened after the 14dpo.

-Bloated!!! I would belch from my toes. OMG
-I had the strong ligaments stretching in my low low pelvic area. I had never felt anything like it.
-My insides (was on prometrium so I was up close and personal) was "fatter feeling" TMI due to increase in blood flo.
-I was SO SO SO tired. Actually that happened before I was told pg, went to bed a 8pm all that week, didn't put 2 and 2 together.
-pee'd all of the time. I DO MEAN ALL OF THE TIME
-skin dry (not sure if applicable but got really dry near rashy)

Well that's all I can think of. Happy Obsessing!!!

What did the trick?
1500 mg metformin for 6 months

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Peeing and Headache. The rest didn't come until after BFP. In fact bbs got sore at about 5 weeks and nausea started at 6 weeks to the day. Brushing my teeth took major psychological preparation cause my gag reflex was so strong.

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My two first changes were extremely sore boobs and acne that was not there before!! Baby dust to all of you!!
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