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Old 05-24-2011, 12:44 PM   #191
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I can't believe I never posted here!

I BBT'd and totally did not expect a BFP from my chart the month that I got one! I also didn't have any symptoms except frequent urination and crazy dreams. The only reason I ended up taking a test was I woke up one morning, realized "Hey, I'm a couple days late. I'll go ahead and take the test so I don't stress about it and can move on." Lo and behold that little positive sign popped up in front of my eyes!

Below is my chart from the month I got my BFP. Would you have expected a positive? I sure didn't! Now my baby boy is almost here! Don't give up hope
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Old 05-24-2011, 02:10 PM   #192
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Hi all:

I didn't have many symptoms before I got my BFP. I got a headache the day before my BFP. I never had tender boobs, only tender nipples (which I have every cycle). I didn't start getting tender boobs until 16dpo. Wait, this would be easier in a list!

0-2 dpo: ovulation pain
2-5 dpo: cramps, bloating, tender nipples (same as always)
6-9 dpo: gassy, tender nipples, some diarrhea (same as always)
9-10 dpo: headache, hungry, tiny bit of nausea (but I think the nausea was just the power of suggestion!)
10 dpo: BFP!!!!
11-15 dpo: lots of cramps, lots of bloating, lots of backache, tender nipples
16-20 dpo: cramps, bloating, heartburn, tender boobs (but not a lot, not like some women describe having to take off their bra or whatever).

The thing that surprised me the most is the cramps and bloating. It feels JUST LIKE my period is coming. The cramps are a little freaky in that respect, because it's hard to remind yourself that you're pregnant when you have cramping all the time. It's gotten less frequent now, mostly after I put my suppositories in, but I'm still cramping every day.

I hope my list of symptoms lets you know that you can get a BFP with NO symptoms that are different than your normal post-O symptoms! Don't think you have to have nausea, or have to pee a lot, or have to have sore boobs. You don't! A BFP can happen at any time.

Baby dust to all!
Hypothyroid 2003, PCOS 2004, Metformin 2g/day
1/11-3/11: 2 50mg Clomid cycles, O'd but BFN
4/11: Clomid break, tried SI. No O.
5/13/11: 3rd Clomid cycle: BFP at 10dpo!
Betas 13, 15 and 17dpo: 34, 84, 247 Due date: 1/23/12
Week 20: diagnosed with single umbilical artery (SUA), apparently no other associated birth defects! Ultrasounds every two weeks to check for problems.
1/29/12: Baby girl born!
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Old 08-14-2011, 01:38 AM   #193
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Thanks for doing this! It is helpful for us 2ww'ers!
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Old 08-16-2011, 05:15 PM   #194
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I have to agree with racheltcc - you don't need to have the "hallmark" symptoms to get a BFP so never give up hope!!

My only significant symptom was HUNGER! I was hungry all the time...I was eating two breakfasts, snacking more frequently during the day, and starving again by dinnertime. I usually get cravings that I can control, but if I had a craving I had to have it!

I was also very bloated, but I was on progesterone suppositories which was a huge contributor to that.

NO sore boobs, cramping, significant fatigue, implantation bleeding...so I thought I was totally out for getting a BFP!
Thin PCOS dx Dec 2010
Me (26) + DH (28) Married Oct 9, 2010
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8 mos TTC w/ cycles of Clomid, Femara, Gonal F, IUI
Gonal F/Ovidrel/Prog cycle #2: BFP!
HcG, Prog @ 16dpiui - 551, 51.8 @18dpiui - 981
Vanishing Twin Syndrome, Baby A h/b 130 @
6wks5days, EDD 4/21!
it's a BOY!
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Old 08-18-2011, 08:42 AM   #195
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My initial pregnancy symptoms were ~
breast tenderness (usually I get this just after ovulation, and it goes away just before AF is due. This time, it stayed and I was sore!)
bloating ( my tummy felt huuuge)
AF-like cramping (light) coming and going
I didn't get any implantation bleeding

I suspected a BFP because of the unusual sore breasts! But it was still a surprise!
Me: 30 (Thin PCOS; Diagnosed March 2011)
DH: 29 (Perfect Swimmers)
Married: May 2007
Started TTC: Jan 2011

May 2011: Provera, then Clomid 50mg - Ovulated but BFN
June 2011: Clomid 50mg - Ovulated but BFN
July 2011: Clomid 50mg - Ovulated and BFP!!! ~Praying for a healthy baby ~
~ "Fear is powerful but your soul is unafraid" ~

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Old 04-26-2012, 09:58 PM   #196
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I kept some pretty detailed notes this time. It was weird, but I just felt like it was going to happen this cycle. It was my first Femara cycle, I had an HSG, and we were on a little mini vacation when I O'd. I felt like the timing worked out so well it had to mean a BFP for this cycle! I was right

O day – I had a dream the night that I O'd that I told a couple of friends that I was pregnant. They asked when the baby was due and I said "THEY are due December 27th". Twins again? We'll see...

2 dpo – diarrhea

3 dpo - I had some blood on the tissue when I blew my nose today, I've never had a bloody nose before. I had vivid dreams, diarrhea, and my skin broke out (which happens before AF sometimes too)

4 dpo - More vivid dreams. Had some twinges on my right side, painful burning feeling for a few minutes. I had lower backache, this usually only happens right before AF.

5 dpo - Woke up in the middle of the night with bad gas pains and had to pee (this never happens - except when I was preggo with our twins). I dreamed that my twins Blake and Alan were in bed sleeping between us, they looked like they were about 3 months old. This was the first time I dreamed about them since I lost them. I had lower backache, headache, and skin still breaking out worse than usual.

6 dpo - Lower back still aches and I have 3 ulcers in my mouth which is not normal.

7 dpo - Had Progesterone level checked which was 11.5. From lunch time until about 2:30 I felt nauseous. I had diarrhea and was gassy.

8 dpo – Took Dollar General HPT - BFN

9 dpo - More vivid dreams. Took Dollar General test which looked like it had an indent line so I decided to try the FRER. The FRER had nothing at first, but then I thought I saw something where the line should be. Definitely not distinctive and it was a stretch to see anything. I went back to sleep for a few hours and when I looked at it later, I saw a super light pink line. I thought it might just be an evap line. I was feeling a bit emotional/teary today. Lower backache, bloated, diarrhea, gassy

10 dpo - Very faint BFP!!!! Lower backache, bloated, diarrhea

11 dpo - Digital hpt confirmed, it said PREGNANT!!

12 dpo – Blood drawn to check beta and progesterone level. Beta: 75, Progesterone: 18.7

14 dpo: Beta: 199

Hope these symptoms help those in the 2ww! I always liked to know other people's symptoms to pass the time. Good luck everyone!
Sarah (26) Hubby (30)
Married: June 14, 2008
Sept. 2008: Dx with thin PCOS
BFP 5/18/11-8/27/11 lost our twin boys Alan and Blake at 18 weeks
3/22/12: HSG is all clear!
4/15/12: BFP with our rainbow baby!
Beta 12 dpo: 75; 14 dpo: 199
EDD: 12/26/12 ~ Our Christmas Baby! IT'S A GIRL!!

My Chart

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Default My symptoms

Hello Ladies! I got my BFP over a year ago and have a beautiful Baby Girl. I too was nervous about this pregnancy and forgot to post... now I remember how helpful it was for me to look over this forum (and I loved obsessing).
At the time I was diagnosed with thin PCOS, I was started on Clomid low dose. I did 3 monitored cycles with an ovidrel trigger. I always O'd, but never got pregnant. I was seeing a RE.

My pregnancy was a natural surprise while taking a break and saving money for the "injectables" (I never stopped BBT'ing though... and that really helped us zero in on that O'day

CD2: just notified that we are doing injectibles next time around... but i'd need a consult prior to filling my rx!
CD7: minor Left pelvis twinge
CD13: holy Reflux!
CD 16: O day (per FF... i think i may have o'd before according to temps)
CD25, DPO9: holy headache!
CD27, DPO 11: light cramps have persisted since "dpo3". Not relieved by bms
CD28, DPO12: thin brown spotting at 0500, CM was also creamy
DPO14: BB's were very sore and looked different. They looked perky and almost like they did when I was 12 and starting to grow some buds. Soo, I decided to test and got a BFP on cheap preg test. Good times. I did not have any nausea up to that point but i did recall having some reflux (which I have normally so i did not think too much of it).

I ended up having a subchorionic hematoma and perhaps losing 1 of 2 embryos... but my baby girl made it Thanks be to God!

Keep the faith. It will happen. Hopefully it will happen again for some of us
Have a good day ladies.
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