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Default Hot flashes & night sweats are making me crazy!

I have been having the worst hot flashes lately and night sweats. I stick my head in the freezer or take off all my clothes and lay across the bed with all the fans on. lol

I'm just 28 so I assume the hot flashes & night sweats are due to PCOS. I'm getting so many of them!

I take Sprintec and Aldactone for my PCOS and have the Mirena IUD for birth control. (Sprintec won't work for b/c as I am epileptic and my medications make b/c null unless I took a really high dose.)

Oh, and I am not starting a period because I don't have them on Mirena. And I'm on the end of Week 1 of Sprintec.

Anyone know a non-drug treatment for hot flashes and night sweats? I don't want more medication as I have a lot of medications already and I don't want to start herbal medications because of all the meds I'm already on.

THanks guys!
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I "sweat like a man". It does drive me crazy. I have even bought the clinical strength deodorant over the counter, and I still sweat. I just got off Sprintec bcps because I was bleeding 3 weeks out of the month on it. The bleeding has already waiting to start till the middle of this month, so I am hoping my hormones will level out a bit and my estrogen will raise. That's what I think is the culprit because it seems a lot like menopause (which happens when estrogen is low). My last blood test showed my estrogen was 59, which may seem like rock-bottom, but I was on bcps at the time, and lab tests don't measure manufactured hormones.

I go through night sweats here and there, but not regularly. I know I don't sleep well when it happens, and I wish I could measure my hormones when it happens. Just know you are not alone! I think there is something over the counter that is called estroven, or something like that. It is herbal (I think) and is supposed to help with the problem. May be worth a look!
After 10 years, they finally gave me an answer!

Metformin 2000mg (not consistent)
Vitamin D 4000 iu (for long-term deficiency)
Biotin (for hair loss)
Vitamin B Complex (for increased energy)
Daily Multivitamin
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aldactone, hot flashes, mirena iud, night sweats, sprintec

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