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Unhappy Well I'm back...

Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I'm back... I spend most of my life here a few years back, went through Fertility Treatments (Clomid, IUI +shots) with no luck.. Got into a motorcycle accident in August of 2009 and pretty much it all ended there.

We switched insurance Jan of 2010 to an HMO plan and it's been a ride since.

Found out I had hyperplasia, closed tubes (hysteopingagram), hypothyroidism, and my OB wanted me to have weight loss surgery.

Well that was not going to happen, in Feb 2010 I walked out of my doctor's office and started a new life... Lost 30lbs in 2010 then found out I had hypothyroidism. Started meds for the thyroid and it took me until April of 2010 to get that straightened out... Had a hysteopingagram which show no flow of either tube in hopes to get referred to an RE ... also showed hyperplasia.. was on/off Provera (10 day doses) for several month with no period.. in Sept. 2011 I had to get surgery to remove 11 cysts from my uterus.. and was suppose to go on Provera for 90 days straight (gained 20lbs back!) .. October of 2011 I started eating right and exercising again and lost 50lbs from Oct - Dec.. March of 2012 my OB made me finally go on the provera for hypersplasia.. June I got a period, August I was cleared to be refereed to an RE... my referral got declined because they said my tests were all out of date (more than 1 year) .. and I appealed, thought we had an approval but it went to Fertility Review and was declined early Sept ( a month later).. since Provera did not work in august doctor wanted to do an ultrasound, found no cysts but increased growth of the lining... took a biopsy in that short month found out that the hyperplasia has returned (one freaking month!! )

So now I have surgery next week for a DNC and have to go back on Provera for 90 days... no referral until the hyperplasia is gone..

I feel my life is a big circle... I've done everything right, my glucose levels went from 117 to 92 normal range, and my insulin went from a skyrocketing 132 to normal 18!!... but it just does not seem like it's ever enough. As soon as I get one thing under control another thing spirals out of control.

Being on the Provera means no more weight loss and if I am lucky I may be able to maintain.. my doctor said most gain 8-10lbs! .. this whole year I've gained 10lbs (started at 250 got to 248 now I'm back at 260!)..

Someone tell me it gets easier please? We have been trying for 7 years now.. and it just seems like a waste of everything!! To top it off I turned 33 this year!
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I am so sorry hun! It sounds like you can't catch a break. It can be so frustrating when you do all the right things and can't get the outcome you are looking for. ((((hugs))))

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Sed-Glad to hear you're back, but not glad to hear all of the round and round that you've had to go through. Have to talked to the RE about ivf? It seems that with blocked tubes that might be your best chance. I'm sending you positive vibes.
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Sed - So sorry about the round and round you've been getting... any hope of different insurance? HMO is probably cheapest, but if you could switch to a PPO, then the referral business could just stop. Also, can't you be referred to the RE just for infertility? I mean, just the hypothryroidism or hyperplasia? An RE would be best for treatment of all of that, not just to get you pregnant...

I will say, I never had to deal with referrals with my insurance, so I can't say if that will get better... just that every diagnosis is a step toward what will work to get you pregnant... but I can imagine the frustration of knowing that you will need IVF (I'm assuming that is why the referral to the RE) and not being able to get the referral... That's total BS. (((HUGS)))

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