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I am laying here and reading all of these heart wrenching stories of babies we never got to nurse, bathe, or watch grow. This has got to be the worst pain, I couldn't Imagine something worse than losing a child no matter what age 5 weeks gestation or 5 years old....

God bless all of us and our angels, and give us strength on those hard days that just don't seem to go away.
Kari (31) DH (30)
Dx: Thin PCOS 2008, Ashermans Syndrome 2011
DD: 11/8/09 (most beautiful girl in the world)
DS: 3/31/13 (my little heartbreaker)
DS2: 6/3/14 (mamas baby)

P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)[/b][/size]
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Great thread! As I sit here tonight thinking about where I should be in my pregnancy, I thought I'd share about our journey. I should be 20 weeks pg, feeling all the kicks, and excited to bring a little one into the world. Instead, I am thinking of all that has happened in the past few months and the road to come.
We have a total of 13 little angels. I had a m/c before I met my DH when I was in college. We lost twins at 20 weeks in 1997 and then got pg 7 weeks later. After a tough pg, we were blessed with a baby boy who is almost 14. We then went on to have 7 more losses. After 5 long years of TTC and heartache, we were pleasantly surprised with another pg. It was a very complicated pg with 14 weeks strict bedrest. I had GD and PTL. At 23 weeks, we found out our little boy had a congenital heart defect. I was admitted to the hospital and spent the rest of my time there until my water broke at 34 weeks. I was then rushed to the OR and our little miracle was born 6 weeks early. Due to his condition, he spent a month in the NICU. He had surgery at 5 weeks old and is now a healthy 6 year old. He still has health problems and has a weakened immune system but otherwise is a happy beautiful miracle.

When Zachary turned 1, we decided to try again, knowing it could take a while. We have been TTC for 5 years now. I was diagnosed with PCOS in July 2010 right after a m/c. We had a m/c on my birthday Jan 17th 2011.In May 2011, I was diagnosed with secondary infertility, MTHFR and Factor V Leiden. We had our 13th loss in Oct 2011.

There is not a day that goes by where I dont think about my angels. I light a candle on each of their dates. Even when everyone else forgets, I remember them all. I hope we are blessed with another little one before I get too old.

Lisa(36) Matt (41)
Mom to 3 and 13 angels in Heaven
Our newest Angel 10/18/2011
TTC since 2/2007
PCOS July 2010~
Metformin 2000 mg, Fish Oil 2000 mg, B Complex, Folgard, BA

My Ovulation Chart
My little one
You have left us too soon
Though my body can no longer hold you
I hold you forever in my heart
As precious and beautiful as this flower caught in time
A mother's love does not forget
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My angel went to heaven November 29th. I look forward to the day I can hold you in my arms. I know you will look over your father and I, as I wish I could have looked over you my sweet baby.
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