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Default Holy long thread....I'm new...sorry!

So I'll try to make this brief...(LOL)

The inspiration for my username came from a recent encounter with a fellow Christian friend of mine. She referenced butterflies when telling me a story about getting back with GOD (I have lost my way the past 2yrs. not too sure why) She was talking to me and giving me tips and advise.

When 2 butterflys came flying over our car!
Well that was over a week ago and I've been having butterflies cross my path since that day...no lie!!

I tell you this story because my username is only on going reference to my life this year.

After giving birth to my son my weight has STUCK and my PCOS is flaring BIG TIME!
I feel like crap, bloated and so on. MY fasting insulin is 71!
I'm fighting alot of childhood demons as well, this has just compiled my stresses on top of my health.

So if you've been a pal and stuck through my story thus far I'll try to give the quickie version of my struggle!

Quickie story about my struggle:

Started w/the Pcos about 6 years ago....just in time for when DH wanted
to start TTC!
Went thru the Fertility treatment for a year, Finally conceived and shortly after lost the baby. (Found out later PCOS related)
When it came to moving onto
IVF......I asked my Doc. to level with me......what could I do to conceive?
(I wasn't going to mortgage my house for continuing fertility treatments)

He said simply LoSe WeIgHt!
(yea easier said than done)

So I did! A friend introduced me to South beach diet, stuck to it faithfully and worked out!
LOst 25lbs. in 3 months! 2 months later I conceived my son!

Now I gained weight w/my son and only lost 15 additional pounds since some
of the post partum weight came off! Now we're TTC again and I'm having a hard time w/ Diet and Excercise cause of my busy schedule!

SO this is where I could use some advice......

Busy Mom of a 15mon. old
Work F/T days
School at night
Struggling spirtually and combating some emotional turmoil

Thanks for listening !!
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Send a message via MSN to Alwilki

I'm sort of in the same boat schedule-wise. I work full time days and have school at night. but I don't have a baby to take care of so I'm not as busy as you!

I have found that the best time for me to get exercise in is the morning before work. I get to the gym by 6 am work out for an hour, then Shower and get ready at the gym and I'm at work by 8. If I don't do this, then I have no time at night. It is really hard because I'm not a morning person. I was thinking it might work for you. Also, I have been slacking this summer and haven't been to the gym because I've been busy with family parties and vacations and all that. So this next semester, I signed up for a Power Yoga class as an elective...so even if I don't get my exercise in, I will still at least have that class so I will be getting something!

As for your spiritual struggles, I'm sorry you are going through them. I have had times in my life where I have wandered away from God myself but I have come back now and have realized that it is easier to go through my trials when I rely on him instead of pushing him out of my life. He is there to comfort us and he only lets us have trials because they are meant to make us stronger. He loves you and wants to help you, If you lean on him he WILL comfort you and give you the strength to get through whatever you are going through.

If you need someone to lean on, feel free to send me a message.
Me-Alyse(24) DH-Andrew(24)
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Wink butterfly 10

I was moved by your story... I too am in the process of being diagnosed with PCOS. Since having my son....I have not had a menstrual cycle. My husband I want more children. At first i thought it was post-partum....but now my son is 15 months and I am better. I also have fybroids.

So.... maybe we can encourage eachother. My doctor told me to lose weight as well. I know God is working in my life because I too have been introduce to a weight lose program that is working for me.

I am learning more about this condition daily and I do not no the severity yet. Be encouraged and know that someone is praying for you and hopefully that we will be successful.

Final thought and questions: Can you please tell more about the experience you had after losing the weight and conceiving? I am in a state now where my husband wants another baby and I am not ovulating. Were you visiting your doctor regularly? Did losing the weight bring you to your BMI for your height? What is TTC? (I think it is connected to conceiving)
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