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Default A Beautiful Prayer...

I was recently told at 10 weeks that my baby had no heartbeat. I had no signs of natural m/c and elected to have a D&C. At first i was angry at God and wondered "how could he do this to me?" I felt like he had turned his back. Now i am ashamed i ever felt that way. I need his help to get through this unimaginable situation my husband and i are going through. I know God has a plan. He needed our baby more than we did. I found this prayer and wanted to share it with others. I think it can be used for many situations.

Dear Lord,
Please help me in this time of loss and overwhelming grief. I don't understand why my life is filled with this pain and heartache. But I turn my eyes to you as I seek to find the strength to trust in your faithfulness. I will wait on you and not despair; I will quietly wait for your salvation. My heart is crushed, but I know that you will not abandon me forever. Please show me your compassion, Lord. Help me through the pain so that I will hope in you again. I believe this promise in your Word to send me fresh mercy each day. Though I can't see past today, I trust your great love will never fail me.


It's A BOY!

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That is beautiful and so true to what your heart feels and needs. You are in my prayers. I had two m/c and both had to be d/c and two children I gave birth to (daughter Leeah born in 04 and a son Matthew born in 07) I lost them both within the first week of their life. It is so hard and you can not help but be angry and filled with pain, and ask God why????.... but remember he will never give you more than you can bare. You can be a living testimony. In the end God has blessed DH and I with a beautiful daughter who is turning 19 mths tommorrow. She is all we hoped and prayed for. Keep your prayer close to your heart and as it says know he will never fail you.

God Bless
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Blaine (and Ron) I am sorry you have had to deal with such a loss. That is so heartbreaking and although I haven't been through the same thing myself, I have had many family members who have gone through similar situations to you both.

It is hard to know why God chooses you to go through such a thing and I'm sure it is so very hard to go through. I know you will see your little angles again someday. They were too perfect for this world and God just needed them to have bodies, if only for a short time, and you were able to provide the physical body for them.

Although it is hard, God doesn't let you go through such a trial alone. Lean on him for support and I'm sure he has provided you with a wonderful Family and Husband to lean on as well. I will pray for you to have the strength and comfort you need at this time.
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