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I fully believe that if it weren't for God, I wouldn't even be here right now. So many horrible things have gone on in my life, and he has been there with me through it all. It brings me to tears to think of how much he cares about me to put up with the stupid things I do, and that he's always there to save me from something when times are bad.

I'm getting real treatment for my PCOS right now because of him after years and years of doctors brushing me off and ignoring my pain and symptoms. He brought me an angel in the form of a former coworker turned friend! She noticed that I was struggling with my condition, and was really down because I desperately want a baby of my own and was devastated by all the women around me who were pregnant, especially my childhood friend. I also joined a PCOS awareness group on Facebook. That was when she emailed me asking me about my condition. I told her about it, and she then told me that she had another friend that was suffering with the condition, but that she had gone to a specific clinic where she received good treatment. Her friend was even able to conceive a child after the treatment she received! I called the clinic, set up an appointment, and got started right away on some REAL treatment for my PCOS!

It's been since September 3rd, but I've already lost 10+ pounds and am feeling a lot better than I have in years. I finally have hope that I can beat this thing. If God had not brought me that angel, I would never have found out about the clinic and wouldn't be getting the treatment I need now. I thank him so much for what he did for me!
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I was diagnosed last month with pcos but I has irregular cycle from the start . I was able have a daughter less then a yr after I got married Praise God but did not conceive since then. The last yr and a 1/2 God has showed me something was wrong in stages . I got sick and had stay in hospital for 3 days .That is when when i found our I had high bp and then a few weeks later found out high cholesterol . I then started taking the bcp without estrogen wrong move I found that out 3 months later when I started having headaches after several medications to try to solve that ,with the last one having so many side effects and it was 6 months later I was fed up. God gave me the clues to figure it out it was the combo. of the bcp and the cholesterol med. I got off the bcp in May then started having bad cramps that lasted the last 2 wks of my cycle . I went to the doc in Aug to try to find out what was going on was told it was a cyst and was given another bcp which was not helping. Then a friend recommended an endocrinologist. I had ask her to pray for me and I did not know She was had this .Praise God! I gone to him an was diagnosed with pcos. He gave me metformin.God has helped find out what is going on . I know he will help me the rest of the way because He has gotten me this far. He is with all you ladies too God Bless you!
Me: 38yo PCOS Dx: 11/2010
DH: 39yo LOVE him!
DD: 16yo LOVE her!
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