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Default hard rock like substance

My wife was recently diagnosed as having PCOS. The Dr.'s have said she has a follicular cyst as well as a cyst that's almost an inch. Earlier today she passed something while urinating that looked like a little rock or brown shark tooth. She saw a different GYN today, and he just said that if she has a high fever to come back to the ER and asked if she knew she had cyst ( he was a real winner...not). Anyways, I was just curious if anyone else has had anything like this or knows what this may be?

Concerned DH of handsbreeze
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Sounds like part of a kidney stone.
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Davelle Parchman
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I agree, sounds just like a kidney stone. Have extreme knowledge on this particular subject. Is she on Metformin? From what I understood from my endo today, that it can sometimes deplete your Vitamin D which makes your urine more acidic and in turn will help to form kidney stones.
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