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Default PCOS and Vitamin D and muscular weakness

I've been experiencing some random health issues which I thought were completely unrelated to PCOS, but found a few brief notes on wikipedia, WebMD and elsewhere that might suggest they aren't unrelated. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced these issues.

Vitamin D deficiency. Over the course of the past year, I've been tested and found to be Vit. D deficient three times, each time obtaining a prescription for 1.25mg/day for two weeks. Followup labwork a month later shows no increase in Vit D levels. I have now seen a few articles linking Vit D deficiency to insulin resistance. Anyone else experiencing Vit D deficiency?

Muscle fatigue. I pulled a muscle in my foot over the summer and when it didn't heal, went to the doc. He took a look at my feet and realized the culprit was my calves. My calf muscles are so tight I can barely lift my feet off the ground. Stretching my legs out in front of my, the doc, with all his strength and weight, couldn't push my feet toward my head more than 90 degrees. He said I just naturally have tight calves and that I'll have to do stretches to keep myself limber and prevent torn muscles. But I'm wondering, if insulin resistance means your muscles (and everything else) aren't getting the nutrients they need, is it possible that your muscles could tighten up and not flex they way they are supposed to? Maybe it's a stretch (pun intended) to link this to PCOS, I don't know. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue.
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Funny you should bring this up, but I was told recently, after lab work results were obtained, that I was Vitamin D deficient. I've been on a high dose supplement for a couple weeks now. The doc and pharmacist explained it away with "oh well you know we've had a really long winter", but I'm a North Idaho girl, and I've been through long winters for 26 yrs now, and NEVER had a Vitamin D deficiency. I'm young too, so this is especially odd for me. Would you post the links to the sites and articles you got some info from?? I would love to read them. Thanks for posting about this! It really is something to research and ask about!
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Default Vitamin D Deficiency

This is so amazing b/c I'm still new to this diagnois & the research that goes w/ it. I also have been diagnosed w/ Vitamin D Deficieny & I say this is amazing b/c it didn't occur to me that it could be related to the PCOS. I was just diagnosed w/ Vitamin D Deficiency yesterday, in fact, & started taking a vitamin D supplement this morning that I will be taking once a week for 12 wk. & then will have my blood work taken again & see where my levels are after that. My health insurance didn't cover the supplement but it was only $5.99 for 12 capsules. Not bad. She said that usually you can only buy them in quanties of 100 but she has a deal w/ the local Target pharmacy. Talk to your doctor about starting a supplement. See if he/she can have you start taking a Vitamin D supplement. The one I take is D3-50. Do your research & see what your doctor thinks of this supplement & any others you have found out about. I also get tight muscles in my calf but I'm not sure if it's the same thing as you have. It's another thing to pay attention to. Thanks for "opening up" my eyes. You have helped me as I hope I have helped you. Good luck talking to your doctor!
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