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Default Can PCOS cause premature menopause?

I'm 23 and I was diagnosed about a decade ago with PCOS. Suddenly about 2 months ago I started getting awful hot flashes. I thought I had an infection of some sort. Then I thought my metabolism was just getting higher, because of my past eating disorder I no longer carry with me. I take my temperature, and during the hot flashes it raises, but never above 100, never to a fever level. The strange thing I noticed and this is when I started to notice it was hormonal, was every month when I got my "period" 3 days ahead and during it, the hot flashes would stop completely.

Now when I say I period I mean, it lasts 2 days at the most. And it's incredibly more painful then it's ever been before. It's not unbareable, but I never had cramps in my life till the last two months. If that's what they are.

As far as my mood goes, I can never quite tell quite honestly. I am always slightly moody. But I also have narcolepsy so I'm always slightly tired. I also have major depression and some other psych diagnosis so my mood is well very off for other reasons also. Lets just say I haven't strangled anyone yet...... yet.

I've avoided calling my doctor, because when it first started with abnormal (for me) mood swings back in April I asked him to send me to an Endo and he basically refused, so I did research myself and provided him with med. journals to get me on spironolactone for them and it actually helped by dropping androgen levels. But I'm afraid if I go back there and ask again he'll be annoyed with me.

He said he didn't want "too many cooks in the kitchen". I obviously have a neurologist for my narcolepsy and a psychiatrist for my psych issues and him. So that is a lot of doctors in my opinion also...

But does PCOS cause that? Or are women with PCOS more likely to have premature menopause?

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What you described there are all PCOS symptoms...Even the hot flashes....I get the hot flashes..And don't worry your not the only one who thought it was menopause..My nanna tried to tell me i was going through menopause before i was diagnosed.
If your doctor wont help you try a different doctor that will.
Also some doctors dont like it when you do your own research. They think your taking their job away..Silly i know..especially when they wont help.

Oh yeah to answer your question abouit PCOS and premature menopause...I havnt heard of that..Some one else on here might have or be able to confirm whether or not..(I was only diagnosed start of August so still learning. I do my own research too but never say much to the doctors..Although my Gyno knows i come on here.)
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I don't think my doctor minded me doing research... it saved him some time. He gladly put me on the med and kept the journals I printed. I have had doctors in the past though that would get antsy about patients knowing too much. But most of my doctors, a majority of them are all about patients advocating for themselves. It saves them if they make a mistake from lawsuits. I double check everything my doctors do and they know it. I'm not a patient that remains ignorant and I'd like to think they appreciate that. If I was a doctor I'd hope patients didn't wish or pretend to remain ignorant.

It's so odd that I've had PCOS for ten years and they suddenly started now...they're so uncomfortable. Sometimes I just wrap myself in wet towels and sit in front of a air conditioning vent, because I can't handle them. I have like 7-10 a day. I have to change my sheets twice a week, because I drench them in sweat. It's so gross... But at least I'm sweating... I guess it would be worse if I wasn't.... anyway thanks for the info and I'm sorry you have to go through them too...
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Is this doctor an ob/gyn? If not, I'd suggest going to one. They would know more about treating PCOS. I can't believe he wouldn't let you go see an Endo and that he made the remark about cooks in the kitchen. I certainly wouldn't be seeing him anymore. If doing your own research and asking questions gets him testy, that would be enough for me to find a new doctor. Plus, who cares if you annoy him? I mean, really, you're paying him an awful lot of money. He can handle it.

As for hot flashes and early menopause, I don't really know. I haven't heard anything about early menopause but it might be possible. Hope you get it all figured out and can be comfortable in your own skin again soon!
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I have been told by a handful of different doctors that PCOS can cause early menopause. I was told it is because our hormones are off and we can try to release several eggs at once using up the reserve faster than normal. They said normally it would happen in your 30s or later but it could happen earlier and it is not a super common thing with PCOS but possible. I am not explaining it very well but the research they showed me and how they explained it made sense that it could happen.
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