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Unhappy False negative pregnancy tests?!? Early symptoms...

Hello! I am so glad I found this forum! I am new so I am sorry if this has already been discussed!

I was wondering if anyone had any insight on PCOS and false negative tests.

I am usually consistently always about a week late for my monthly but I am over a month late now. Thats the latest I have ever been! I was certain it was arriving on numerous occasions with some aching and cramping but would go away then come back occasionally. I have been feeling extra fatigued, slightly elevated temp and moody.

In my search for some knowledge I have come across numerous PCOSers who didnt get a positive HPT and even failed the blood test and still ended up being pregnant. Some women say that they didnt see a positive result until a few months Which baffles me. Yesterday I started having a pretty terrible lower back ache as every time I move it feel like my back is going out I have taken three store brand HPT's all negative. Which I would believe it if I didnt have PCOS and strange symptoms.

Has anyone experience negative HPT's and still ended up being pregnant?

What are some early symptoms?

Thank you!

Worried and Nervous,
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it all depends on when you ovulated, and when the egg would have implanted. it took me like 3 weeks from my ovulation to get a positive..i was about 5 or 6 weeks along.
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welcome! go get blood work done if you want to be sure. the BW is almost impossible to wrong.

some women on here have had late +'s (BFP's) and still been preggo, so in that aspect- yes it's possible.

good luck!
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the first symptom I remember is incredibly sore BB's!!! OUCH!!! Everytime I would take off my bra they felt like two bricks that were gonna fall off!! LOL!! I also remember having to pee alot...which I blamed on drinking more water! LOL
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I had a false negative with this pregnancy... on CD 31! I used a Dollar Store test, which I've heard good things about, but now I don't trust them. I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting for my period, but it never showed (which is not unheard of for me). I started having some pregnancy symptoms when I was about 6 wks along (although didn't know I was preggo yet). I thought it was some Metformin side effects, which I still get occasionally. Then my BB's started to hurt. I got suspicious, AND we had a doctor's appt. scheduled to start the IUI process and I still hadn't gotten my period. I told DH and he insisted I take another test. My period was now a month overdue. I took another test (not a Dollar Store one) and it was positive even before I set the test on the counter. I was already 8 weeks along.
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Thank you guys I am actually believe or not.. not actively trying to conceive at the moment! Actually, I am okay with it being negative in fact at this point in my life it would be more beneficial. But I would be lying if the notion of a BFP did not make me get a little hopeful. I hate this in limbo feeling *blech* I have been diagnosed had PCOS for almost 10 years and have never completely missed a cycle!!! It was off a bit or late .. and I had all the other lovely "gifts" PCOS offer. There were times when I too thought I was pregnant. (I should own stock in HPT's :P ) I guess in time we shall see. I think I am going to wait it out a few more weeks and not dwell too much...(avoiding the psychosomatic symptoms). I am going to try hard not to dwell and read all these "I didnt know I was pregnant" stories :P I will retest in a week. My partner (whom already has a daughter) keeps telling me he thinks I am pregnant. ( I am hoping he is just overly paranoid.) Thank you for all your insight!!!

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early, false negative, irregular period, pregnancy

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