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Default Heavy Period w/lots of clotting

Hello everyone.

I am 33 and was diagnosed about a year ago with PCOS. I have never had normal periods, ever. Durring my teens I had about 9 a year. In my 20's I would have about 4 a year, and not in my 30's I am having about 1 period a year.

I asked my obgyn to check my for PCOS 2 years ago and she stated there was no way I had PCOS. My family Dr requested she do the test last fall becasue he was suspicoius, due to a skin problem I was having. I tested positive. My obgyn gave me metformin and birthcontrol and sent me on my way. She didnt go into detail and I wasnt referred to an Endocrinologist.

Last month, after some great sex with my hubby, I noticed a very scant about of blood. I assumed it was from the fun we had had the night before. lol

This month we had sex and the day after I began, what I thought was my once a year 'normal for me' period. Day 2 of this period, I began having large blood clots and heavy bleeding. I am on day 6 and am still having extreemly heavy flow and lots of clotting. I have had a miscarriage, and the bleeding is not quite as bad as that one, but the clotting is way worse. Slight cramping, not painful enough to take tylenol.

I do take 250 mg split does of Cyclosporine daily.

I dont want any more children, 2 is perfect!

Two questions:

Should I see and Endo?

Is this clotting 'normal'?
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Default Don't know about normal

but I have lots of clotting. I bleed after sex and pass clots constantly throughout the month. My period is also full of clots. This got better with a strict diet which I let slip over the holidays. I'm now suffering because of it and have been clotting/bleeding for two weeks now (not period). I think what helped me was a combo of Metformin and low carb/low fat/high protein diet. It was when I stopped with the diet that everything went to heck.

I always recommend an Endo and a Nutritionist. Gyno's just don't seem equipped to fully treat us.
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If it's a once a year period, it could be a heavy period from the lack of having periods, and could just be lining that was built up. If it doesn't get better in a few days (10 days max) I would call at the minimum your Gyno, to see what they think. Although if you have PCOS, they might just tell you that is normal for only bleeding once a year, and may not be too concerend about it.
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